Condo Insurance Options in Kissimmee, FL

If you live in the city of Kissimmee, FL and live in a condo, you might want to know more about condo insurance and what your options are. You can learn more about this topic from a place such as Familia Insurance Agency.

If you live in Florida, in a condominium, you should really look into HO6 or condo insurance. This is necessary in order to protect your walls, belongings, furnishings, and other items. There are many discounts that you could potentially get when you are purchasing condo insurance in the state of Florida, depending on your specific situation and what you qualify for.

If you live in a condo, your homeowner’s association will have a master insurance policy that will cover the exterior of the building, as well as the common areas. However, this will not cover anything inside of your own unit. In order to cover your unit and everything in it, you will need condo insurance. Condo insurance will cover the interior structure of your home, personal property, personal liability (if someone is hurt in your condo and decides to sue), medical payments (for guests who are injured in your home), and loss of use (any food or shelter that you need if you are forced to relocate temporarily by a claim that is covered by your policy).

The amount of coverage that you need will depend on your belongings and lifestyle. For example, if you have a lot of expensive belongings, you should purchase more personal property coverage than the minimum that is generally recommended.

If you live in Kissimmee, FL, you should feel free to contact Familia Insurance Agency with any questions that you might have about condo insurance. They will be able to give you the information that you need and perhaps help you decide on the right condo insurance policy for you.

Why should I get home insurance for my property?

The Kissimmee, FL area has continued to be a great place to own a property. Anyone that owns a home in this area will benefit from the property growth and good economy in the local area. Anyone that is going to purchase a home here should also get a home insurance policy. There are a number of reasons to get this coverage. 

Insurance Protects Dwelling

A primary reason to get home insurance is that it can protect your dwelling. If you are going to buy a property, you will find that it will be a very significant investment that needs to be protected. If you get proper home insurance in place, it will offer you the coverage that is needed to repair or replace your property if there is damage due to a fire or other form of loss.

Insurance Gives Liability Coverage

You will also want to get a home insurance policy to take advantage of liability coverage. Anyone that is going to own a home could take on liability risk regularly. If there is an accident that occurs and results in injury to another party, you could be held responsible for damages. Also, if your property malfunctions and causes damage to another person’s assets, you will be responsible for repairs. Fortunately, you can mitigate this risk if you get home insurance as it will include liability insurance components. 

As you are looking for a new home insurance policy when you are in the Kissimmee, FL area, it is important that you speak with the team at the Familia Insurance Agency. Those that do call the Familia Insurance Agency are going to learn a lot about their insurance options. The team can then help you build a policy that is ideal for your situation. 

Why should I get a renters insurance policy in Florida?

The Kissimmee, FL area can be a great place to live. Those that are in this area will find that there are many great local amenities and job opportunities. When new to the area, renting a home could be a great option as it offers a number of advantages. If you do choose to rent a home here, there are several reasons to get a renters insurance policy. 

Insurance Coverage Will Protect You

One of the reasons to get a renters insurance policy is that it will protect you. If you are going to move into a new home here, you will want to make sure that your personal assets are properly covered. Your renter’s insurance policy will give protection to repair or replace your personal assets if they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Additionally, renters insurance will give liability coverage if you are found liable for property damage or an accident that results in serious injuries.

Coverage Will be Required By Landlord

Another reason to get a renters insurance policy is that it will be required by your landlord. A property owner and manager will be protected when their tenants carry the proper insurance. Due to this, they will often require that all tenants carry a full renters insurance policy as long as the lease is in place.

Having proper renters insurance is very important for anyone moving into the Kissimmee, FL area. Those that are looking to rent a home in this area of Florida should call Familia Insurance Agency to discuss their insurance needs. The team at Familia Insurance Agency understands the importance of having proper insurance. When you call them, you can receive the guidance needed to understand your options and pick a policy that offers the right coverage. 

Living in Your RV? What You Need to Know About RV Insurance

RV life provides a great sense of freedom and adventure. Traveling in your RV can be a lot of fun while making the decision to live in your RV can simplify your life in many ways. Before you make the switch to full-time RV life, though, there are some important things you should consider. At Familia Insurance Agency serving Kissimmee, FL, we know that in order to make the best decisions concerning insurance, you need the best information. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about RV insurance. 

Why Is RV Insurance Important?

RV insurance is important because you will not be able to safely and legally operate your RV in most states without sufficient coverage. In addition to simply keeping yourself legal, RV insurance is also there to protect your investment. You have spent both time and money on your RV. You want to make sure that your investment is protected. This is especially important if your RV is going to be your permanent home.

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Just like with homeowner’s insurance, an RV insurance policy can be customized to suit your particular needs, however, in most cases, an RV policy will cover the general following areas. 

Damage Protection – If your RV is lost or damaged as a result of, accident, fire, theft, or natural disaster the insurance policy will kick in to pay for repairs or replacement. 

Liability Protection- If someone is hurt as a result of your RV, this type of protection will kick in to cover any medical bills or legal fees that could have resulted from the accident. 

Personal Belongings– If you use your RV as your residence, then you can customize an insurance policy to cover your personal belongings as well. 

If you would like to learn more about RV insurance, please contact us at Familia Insurance Agency, serving Kissimmee, FL. 

Top Tips for Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance

Do you own a motorcycle and need quality insurance coverage? We can help! Keep reading to learn top tips for purchasing motorcycle insurance from our Familia Insurance Agency team.

Don’t Depend on Florida’s Minimum Requirements

The minimum liability limits you can carry on a motorcycle insurance policy in Kissimmee, FL is $10,000 bodily injury per person; $20,000 bodily injury per accident; and $10,000 property damage. Bikers are also required to buy $10,000 of Medpay insurance, as PIP doesn’t apply the same way for motorcycles as it does  As you can tell, this would be very easy to exceed if you were involved in a serious accident that was deemed your fault. Thus, consider choosing limits that are higher.

Cover Damage for Your Own Bike

Liability insurance does not cover your bike or medical bills if you’re involved in an accident. That’s why it is important to carry comprehensive and collision coverages on your policy. Comprehensive helps pay for repairs in the event of a natural event, such as a storm, fire, or hitting a deer. It also covers certain vandalism issues. Collision pays to get your bike fixed after you’ve been in a collision accident. Neither are considered required unless you have a lienholder, so it is important to talk to a Familia Insurance Agency team member to discuss your options.

Tickets or Accidents Don’t Have to Be the End of Your Motorcycle Dreams

If you’ve put off getting motorcycle insurance because your driving record isn’t exactly perfect, don’t delay anymore. As independent insurance agents, we can help you find a policy that isn’t going to break your budget. Best of all, most people discover that the situation they’re in isn’t as big of a deal as they first thought.

Ready to purchase quality motorcycle insurance in Kissimmee, FL? Please contact us today to schedule a no-obligation coverage review appointment.

What are the benefits of getting a Florida boat insurance policy?

For anyone that loves warm water and spending time outside, living in the Kissimmee, FL area can be a great option. if you do live in this area of Florida, you should consider taking advantage of all the local lakes and other waterways by purchasing a boat. Along with buying a boat, you should also get a boat insurance policy as it offers you a variety of different benefits.

Ensures You are Covered if Accident Occurs

One benefit that comes when you have boat insurance is that you will be covered if you happen to cause an accident. Similar to when you drive a car, boat accidents can happen from time to time. If you are the one that caused the accident, it will be up to you to pay damages. With a boat insurance policy, you will receive coverage to protect against this risk.

Insurance Protects Assets

With boat insurance, you will also receive the coverage you need to protect your asset. Boat owners are at risk that their boats could be damaged in an accident, stolen, or vandalized. The cost to repair or replace these boats could be significant. Fortunately, you can get a boat insurance policy that will help you by repairing or replacing the boat. 

If you are going to get a boat in the Kissimmee, FL area, you need to get insurance for it as well. When you are shopping for your next policy, you should call the Familia Insurance Agency to discuss your needs. When you reach out to Familia Insurance Agency, you can receive personalized and professional support. This will help to ensure that you are able to select a policy that is right for you and gives the coverage that you need. 

Common Umbrella Insurance Myths

Based in Kissimmee, FL, Familia Insurance Agency has served the Central Florida Community for over 10 years. We strive to offer our clients the insurance coverage that they need to enjoy a stress-free life. Providing excellent customer service is important to us.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage alongside your current policies so that you do not have to worry if a situation arises. Umbrella insurance has the versatility to assist you in multiple ways.

Umbrella Insurance Myths

As you research different umbrella insurance policies, be aware that there is some misinformation about umbrella insurance in the general public. Here is a look at some common umbrella insurance myths.

I Don’t Need It Because I Don’t Have Valuable Assets

Even if you aren’t wealthy, umbrella insurance can still assist you. Anything that you own has value, and as such, you must protect it. There are also multiple ways that you could be held liable for something, so it’s important to have umbrella coverage so that you can avoid excess stress. Umbrella exists primarily as a form of extra coverage when facing a serious liability issue.

Umbrella Insurance Policies Are Too Complicated

While it may take some time to align your umbrella insurance policy with the rest of your coverage, the process is not as extensive as it seems. Familia Insurance Agency will assist you through the process.

I Can Use Umbrella Insurance In Place Of Another Type Of Coverage

This is incorrect. Umbrella Insurance should not be used as stand-alone coverage. The policy works in combination alongside home and auto insurance policies.

Consult With Familia Insurance Agency

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How to flood proof your home

Flood insurance is sold separately from the homeowner’s insurance because of the immense damage that a flood can cause your house if water gets inside. This fact is especially true in our part of the country, prone as it is to hurricanes. However, as Familia Insurance Agency serving Kissimmee, FL suggests, there are ways to flood-proof your home to prevent or at least mitigate the damage if the waters start to rise toward your front door.

The first step you should take before buying a new home is to consult to determine how flood-prone is your prospective new home’s area is. You should also ask the neighbors, especially those who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time, whether the area has ever flooded.

You should also check to see how high the house is relative to the street level. The more elevated the house, the less likely that a severe flood can get inside. If you want to spend some money, you can raise the level of the house a foot or two, which may make all the difference,

Once you buy a house, a number of ways exist to flood-proof it. You can use a sealant to try to make the walls near the ground waterproof. Fit your home with waterproof windows and doors.

You can minimize the damage to your home if flood waters do enter by raising electrical outlets, making sure that electronics and other valuable equipment are elevated, and having some waterproof bags to keep valuables in.

Above all, you should buy flood insurance, which can save you thousands of dollars if the worst happens.

For questions on flood insurance, contact Familia Insurance Agency serving Kissimmee, FL

Do I need a home inventory for my condo

Owning a condo in Kissimmee, FL is a great investment. Whether you plan to live in the condo full time, use it as a winter home or a rental property, having the correct insurance is imperative. In order to answer the question do I need a home inventory for my condo you need to understand what condo insurance covers and exactly what a home inventory is.  At Familia Insurance Agency we offer personalized service to our customers and we will make sure that you have the coverage you need. 

Condo insurance is slightly different than home insurance since the condo association also has a policy on your condo. If something bad happens to your condo, they will cover the actual structure. The contents are your responsibility and that is where your home inventory can make filing and collect on a claim easier and less stressful. 

A home inventory is a listing of your personal possessions. Imagine how much easier it is to record all those items when they are here in front of you rather than scattered to the four winds or a pile of ashes. You can walk around your condo and video all of your rooms and don’t forget to open closets and cupboards. In addition, place all the receipts or bills for items together with the inventory. The more details you include, the more likely you are to be happy with the payment your receive from your carrier. Store the inventory in a safe place, preferably away from your condo. You may want to consider the cloud or another form of online storage. 

If you are ready to take a look at the condo coverage you have, Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL is here to help out. Give us a call and let us give you a no-obligation quote. 

How to prepare for a home insurance claim

While we buy home insurance to give us peace of mind, things can sometimes go awry. What’s next? What should you do and not do? Who do you tell first, what are your options or obligations? Do you know how to file a claim? Losses can be stressful, particularly when they involve your home, but worry not because Familia Insurance Agency is here to take you through the claiming process and support you until you have recovered. Here are a few ways you can prepare for a home insurance claim.

Understand your coverage

Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what’s not covered to avoid misunderstandings when filing your claim. Filing a claim for uncovered damage will only raise your premiums, therefore, make sure your claims are approvable.

Update your home inventory

One of the most common headaches about filing a claim is a lack of updated inventory. If you bought a new tv and did not keep the receipt as proof, your insurance provider may find it difficult to believe you. Take photos, videos, and carry receipts for every item you buy. You will need these photos when filing your claim.

Have a reliable contractor in Kissimmee, FL

Some accidents or perils may involve you working on some damages or repairs. If you have places in your home that put your home at risk, like a hole in the roof, a contractor can help you fix them before an accident. Similarly, when filing a claim, you can also use the services of your contractor to repair and fix what can be fixed instead of having your insurance company bring their own contractor.

Don’t wait until there is an emergency to learn how to file a home insurance claim successfully. Insurance experts at Familia Insurance Agency are here to answer any question that you may have. Call us or visit us at our Kissimmee, FL offices, and we will be happy to help.