Does Condo Insurance Cover Tropical Storm Damage?

Navigating Tropical Storm Consequences with Condo Insurance

Tropical storms and hurricanes are an inevitable part of life in Kissimmee, FL. While the city sits inland from both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, hurricanes and tropical storms still frequently pass through the area. In such circumstances, will your condo insurance adequately cover possible storm damages? Familia Insurance Agency is here to enlighten you about your condo insurance options in light of tropical storm possibilities.

Tropical Storm Damages are Often Out-of-Pocket

For condos and townhomes, the homeowner’s association (HOA) is typically responsible for insuring the exterior of the building, the roof, and the communal spaces against storm damages. However, it would be best if you still had insurance for the contents of your unit. This includes personal belongings like furniture and clothing, which could be damaged if windows are broken, exposing the interior to the storm.

Yet, storm-related costs are often paid out-of-pocket due to rising deductibles. While storm damages inland are generally lower than on the coast, condominium structures are built to resist catastrophic damages. Florida law stipulates that hurricane deductibles, even for downgraded tropical storms, are a percentage of the covered value rather than a flat rate.

The Necessity of Flood Insurance

If your condo is on the ground floor or if your townhome has a ground-level unit, adding flood insurance is a prudent step, especially if you reside in a flood-prone area. Torrential rain from tropical storms can trigger flooding. Traditional tropical storm provisions don’t cover flood damages—without additional coverage, flood-related costs can quickly mount.

To explore whether added tropical storm coverage suits you, contact the expert team at Familia Insurance Agency, serving Kissimmee, FL. Our agents look forward to guiding you toward the right policy.