Is Renters Insurance Required In Florida?

Whether you have rented in a conservative or a fast-paced neighborhood, you need renters insurance to protect you regardless of the stage you are in life. While no Florida law requires you to carry renters insurance, some landlords will insist you purchase renters insurance before renting their property. Nevertheless, whether renters insurance is mandatory or not, you need to secure one from Familia Insurance Agency of Kissimmee, FL to protect you against various perils. 

Why you need to invest in renters insurance

While most people reluctantly write their insurance check, you can’t fail to notice their faces glow as they receive compensation when a claim arises. Similarly, renters insurance can save you on a rainy day. Here is why you need to invest in renters insurance:


Liability protection

If you have been keen on the news, Florida is never a stranger to lawsuits. And since anyone can be sued, you need liability coverage from renters insurance to cover you against claims made for bodily injury or property damage to third parties.  

Personal property protection

If you were to list the value of your assets like clothing, electronics, furniture, and other personal effects, the value would clock thousands of dollars. For this reason, you need renters insurance to protect you when loss or damage occurs to your belongings. 

Most people assume that the landlord’s policy covers their assets only to get a rude shock when disaster strikes their property and walk away with zero compensation. The landlord’s insurance policy covers the building structure but not your assets. 

Loss of use

Depending on your insurance policy, renters insurance can cover additional living expenses when your rented apartment or condo becomes unlivable due to a covered loss. 

Are you looking for affordable renters insurance coverage in Kissimmee, FL? Please contact Familia Insurance Agency to get covered within your budget.