Is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory In Kissimmee, FL?

As you drive around Kissimmee, FL and beyond, you need to make sure that you are insured in the event of a crash. The state of Florida has a few requirements for motorcyclists that you will need to be aware of. Familia Insurance Agency can walk you through them to ensure you have the necessary insurance coverage.

The Requirements

You do not need to have motorcycle insurance when you register your motorcycle. However, if you are charged in a crash where there are injuries or you have had certain violations operating a motorcycle, you can be held financially responsible for property damage as well as bodily injury to others.

If you do not have any liability coverage, the state can then require you to have property damage/bodily injury liability insurance for the next three years with an SR 22 filing. Failure to achieve this license after encountering problems can result in your license and tag is suspended.

Why Insurance is a Good Idea

You never know what can happen on the roads of Kissimmee, FL. You could easily damage your bike, cause injury to others, or even damage property when you’re on your motorcycle. Rather than being held financially responsible for all of it on your own, it is better to have a motorcycle insurance policy. It will allow you to file a claim so that the insurance company will be responsible for everything, minus the deductible that you would have to pay.

There are a variety of options available to you when it comes to motorcycle insurance. At Familia Insurance Agency, an agent will be able to guide you through the coverage levels to ensure that you have sufficient coverage in the event that you get into an accident or cause bodily injury to others. It will make it easier for you to ride knowing that you’re covered.