Does RV Insurance Cover Theft?

Whether you’re taking your RV on an extended trip or just a weekend getaway around Kissimmee, FL, you probably want to carry some RV insurance. You might understand your insurance offers liability coverage in case you cause an accident, and you may also have a policy that helps pay for when you’re the victim of a collision. But what about incidents "other than collision", such as theft? Familia Insurance Agency is happy to give our readers some clarification!

Damage from Theft vs Theft of Personal Property

When it comes to theft, Comprehensive RV insurance will probably cover any physical damage to your RV if the trailer itself is stolen or damaged in the commission of a crime. However, your RV policy probably won’t cover the cost of stolen personal items, even if such items were inside the RV. For personal property, the coverage for those items extends to your home or renter’s insurance. Standard liability insurance for RVs rarely covers non-collision damages – comprehensive coverage is what you need.

An Example:

You leave your RV at a campground for the afternoon. When you return you notice the cabin door has been forced open. The lock is broken and inside you notice your jewelry and television have been stolen. The thieves left a hole in the wall where the TV used to be. 

In the above scenario, your comprehensive policy might provide to repair the locks or holes in the wall of your RV. It probably would not cover the cost to replace your jewelry or television, however.

Everyone’s insurance needs are different. The RV you own will influence the coverage you need. If you plan to RV around Kissimmee, FL, reach out to Familia Insurance Agency today to learn more about RV insurance!