Can Renters Always Get Their Deposits Back?

Did you know roughly eight million people in Florida rent? The ratio of owners to renters is 66:34. One of the most common conversations between renters and landlords involves deposits. Fortunately, there are regulations in place that affect landlords and tenants. Here at the Familia Insurance Agency serving the Kissimmee, FL area, we want you to understand your rights as a tenant or landlord.

How Do Rental Deposits Work?

In Florida, a landlord has 15 days to return their full deposit amount after a tenant moves out. If the landlord wants to file a claim to reduce the deposit amount, they must inform the tenant in writing by certified mail within 30 days. The written notice must come as a notice of intention that details why the full deposit amount won’t be returned. It will be sent to the tenant’s last known address, so tenants should always leave a forwarding address when vacating the premises.

The tenant has only 15 days to object to the claim after getting the notice of intent in the mail. If the tenant does not respond, the landlord has 30 days after the notice of intent was initially mailed to return the remaining deposit balance.

Tips for Getting a Deposit Back

The easiest way to get the full deposit amount back is to follow all of the landlord’s requirements in the original rental agreement. If there are any holes in the wall, you’ll want to patch, repair, and paint them before moving out. It’s also helpful to steam-clean any carpets before moving out. Simply put, you want the premises to look as they did when you moved in. You can also contact the Familia Insurance Agency serving the Kissimmee, FL area to learn more about getting your full deposit back.