Should Your Home Insurance Change This Hurricane Season?

It may be a good idea to review and possibly upgrade your homeowners insurance as hurricane season blows in this year. Although Kissimmee, FL is inland, it is still on a peninsula and is occasionally vulnerable to storm paths. Familia Insurance Agency wants our clients to know that their home is safe all year long.

What You Should know About Home Insurance and Hurricanes

  • Many different types of damage are caused by hurricanes. From flooding, wind, and even occasional hail. There is not a broad coverage that just protects the home for any event. Make sure your homeowners insurance covers the incidents that are likely or possible to occur in your area.
  • Hurricane damage cause by water, is considered flood damage and is covered under the federally managed National Flood Insurance Program. Make sure that you indeed have Flood Insurance before hurricane season rolls around.
  • Fast action is vital to save your home after water damage from a hurricane. Even if you are handy and feel like you can fix damage to your home after a disaster, it is still not worth the risk because water damage spreads fast and should be treated like an emergency to prevent rot and mold.
  • Insurance means that even after a frightening disaster professionals can come in and restore your home and lifestyle back to normal so your family does not have to feel displaced or afraid.
  • Various home insurance policies will not cover the valuables within the home such as jewelry and electronics, consider this when purchasing your policy.

Contact us at Familia Insurance Agency if you would like to review your home insurance in and around Orlando, Saint Cloud, and Kissimmee, FL before disaster heads your way. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of our agents.