Recreational Vehicles- An Insurance Primer

Recreation vehicles are as American as apple pie. Remember though; if you tow your RV by your automobile, your RV will need no insurance to transport it as car insurance typically covers this. It would be wise to confirm that you are appropriately covered.

However, if your RV is motorized, there are state-dictated insurance requirements to consider.

RV Insurance Options

Multiple insurance options are available. Specific coverage options are based on the intended use of your RV. The professionals at Familia Insurance Agency,  serving the Orlando, FL area, can provide the assistance you need. 

Is your RV used year-round?

Many RV owners plan just a few trips annually and store the RV when not in use. If this is your intentions, consider insurance coverage that allows the insured to temporarily ‘turn off’ certain coverage options. 

Is your RV your permanent residence?

If this is the case, an RV owner is encouraged to purchase coverage similar to a homeowner’s policy. This is important because, as a general rule, RV insurance does not cover personal items. Talk with the professionals at Familia Insurance Agency serving the Orlando, FL area.

Total Loss Replacement Insurance Coverage

Typical RV policies are not designed to offer full replacement cost should the RV be stolen or totaled. However, there are specific add-on coverages. For example, if the RV was totaled and was less than 5 years old, the insured could receive a new RV. For older RV’s, this coverage would reimburse the RV owner the original purchase price or agreed upon value.

The Take-Away

As with any insurance policy in the Orlando, FL area, it is prudent to review all available options. Don’t be misled by a common misconception that price is the only consideration. A reputable firm, like Familia Insurance Agency, offers the critical analysis required to select the most appropriate policy.