What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

If you’re wondering what kind of insurance to get to protect your dream condo, we can help. At Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL, we offer individual condo insurance coverage to protect your newly acquired investment. Condo insurance can protect you, your condo and your personal goods from disasters that can deplete your finances. Here’s a closer look at what condo insurance covers.

Personal Liability  

If you plan to entertain in your Florida condo, liability coverage is a must. Personal liability coverage protects you against accidents a visitor may have while on your property. If one of your guests slips and falls during a party and breaks his arm, liability coverage will cover his medical bills so you don’t have to dip into your savings to do so.

Dwelling Protection  

Dwelling (building) protection covers the cost of repairs to the inside of your condo such as walls, built-in shelving, fixtures, flooring, etc., if your unit gets damaged in a disaster that’s covered by your policy such as fire, storm damage or water damage from broken pipes. If your investment is important to you, you’ll protect it with building coverage.

Personal Property Coverage

Your personal goods are just as important as your unit, especially if it took you a while to collect them. Personal property coverage protects your stuff to include clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, artwork, jewelry and more. If these goods are stolen, vandalized or damaged in a covered peril, personal property insurance will help pay for repair or replacement costs, depending on the coverage on your policy.

Actual cash value coverage covers the cost of your goods minus deprecation. Replacement cost coverage will replace your goods without taking off for depreciation.

To learn more about condo insurance and the benefits it has to offer, contact Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL.