Is Your Liability Coverage Enough on Your Condo Insurance Policy?

When you bought the luxury condo in Orlando or Kissimmee, FL, did you opt for enough liability coverage on your condo insurance policy from Familia Insurance Agency?

Elegant Homes House Your Rich Friends

While you knew it would cost more to repair damage from fire or wind when you moved into the unit with granite counters and the marble master spa, if your neighbors or friends get injured on your property, their medical bills and expenses will likely be higher, too.

While $100,000 liability coverage might seem like plenty for a stubbed toe, will it take care of the private hospital and in-home nurse visits that your neighbors might use? Talk to your agent to make sure that your coverage will handle all the extras often associated with an upscale neighborhood.

Are Your Guests Wearing Designer Clothing?

In many suburban neighborhoods, if your friend’s athletic shoes are ruined by an oil slick on the driveway, they likely won’t be coming after you for reimbursement. However, if your wife’s girlfriends enjoy Prada, Jimmy Choo, and the latest in designer fashion, that little trip and fall might cost you thousands. If you maintain a $10,000 maximum liability coverage, it might not take care of her bills.

Well-educated Neighbors Teach their Friends How Much Damage to File on a Claim

If you chose your new condo because your neighbors are lawyers and doctors, remember that if one of them gets injured accidentally in your unit, they have a better understanding of how the system works. They may be more likely to ask for every penny available to them, so it is wise to make sure that your policy is ready to stand up to the added demands. 

When shopping for condo insurance in the Orlando or Kissimmee, FL area, talk to your Familia Insurance Agency representative about liability insurance and if you need more than the minimums recommended for the average condo owner.