Boat Regulations to Keep You Safe Year Round.

There are few days in Kissimmee, FL that locals cannot enjoy the waterways. The weather is typically fair and the waters are calm and inviting more often than not. This does not mean that boaters in Florida can relax too much. At Familia Insurance Agency we want you to be safe out on the water so here are some reminders on boat regulations and safety tips for staying safe year-round. 

Florida Boat Regulations for Safety

  • Stay Sober — Drunk boating, like drunk driving, is deadly and illegal. If you are the captain of the ship do not drink. 
  • Check the Weather Forecasts — This falls under the reckless and careless operation section. You are responsible for your due diligence when it comes to exploring the waterways. Do not get caught in a dangerous situation because you did not check the weather before boarding. 
  • Know the Signs — Waterways do not have the same signs, traffic laws, and safety features as roadways. There are specific flags and symbols that indicate that there are people just under the water in some areas, other signs mean no wake, and other signs indicate weeds or debris in an area. It is your responsibility to know this before you drive a boat. 

Familia Insurance Agency serves Kissimmee, FL with quality insurance services for boaters in the area. We want all of our clients and boaters in Florida to be safe as they enjoy our state’s natural resources. If you would like to learn more about boater safety or if it has been a while since your last class then it is a good idea to take Florida boater safety refresher.