Can a Landlord Require You to Carry Renters Insurance?

Traditionally, renters insurance has been something that most renters have decided whether or not to buy on their own. However, more and more landlords and property management companies are encouraging or telling tenants that they need to purchase renters insurance. At Familia Insurance Agency, serving the greater Kissimmee, FL area, we often have people asking us if their landlord can legally require them to carry renters insurance. Here is what you need to know.

Do I need renter’s insurance?

In the state of Florida, a landlord can require you to carry renters insurance in order to rent a home, condo, apartment, or other dwellings as long as it is listed in the lease. If it is not in the lease, they cannot change the terms of the lease partway through your tenancy. However, they can change the terms of the lease and require it going forward when your lease is up and you are looking to extend the lease. The landlord can require you to carry certain coverages to ensure their property is fully covered under the terms of your renter’s insurance policy.

While a landlord can require you to carry renters insurance and show proof that you have a valid policy, they cannot require you to use any specific company. You always have the option of using any insurance company you wish to obtain the renter’s insurance policy. Additionally, the landlord can not require you to make them a beneficiary or payee on your renter’s insurance policy. 

Regardless of whether or not a landlord requires you to carry renters insurance, it is always wise to have a policy. If you are looking to buy renters insurance in the greater Kissimmee, FL area, turn to Familia Insurance Agency. Call us now to discuss your renter’s insurance needs and let us find you a policy today.