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RV Insurance in Florida

Kissimmee, FL RV insurance agents with the Familia Insurance Agency are available to provide you with the important information you need regarding insurance for your recreational vehicle (RV). The RV that you own is registered and titled in Florida, represents freedom for you and your family. This type of vehicle allows you to pack up the family and take trips, spend time together and create new and special memories.

Because this type of vehicle is similar to a home, it makes sense to get information about the type of insurance protection needed for your RV. RV insurance sold by independent insurance agents provide key coverage allow you to protect your vehicle from certain types of loss that may occur, Here is some of the information independent insurance agents provide that help you determine if the amount of RV Insurance you need is appropriate for your needs and adequate to cover any loss that may occur.

Requirements for RV Insurance

As a Florida RV owner, you are required to have in place a certain amount of RV insurance. A recreational vehicle includes a motorhome, travel trailer or camper. Having RV insurance, in the amount appropriate for your loss requirements, not only helps you stay in compliance with Florida law, but also pay for the costs associated with your RV should a loss occur, such as an accident, property damage or any associated bodily injury.

Types of Loss Covered

RV insurance sold by Familia Insurance Agency independent insurance agents will provide for the following losses resulting from property damage (PD) and/or bodily injury (BI):

  • Replacement due to total loss, which provides a benefit in the event that your RV has been damaged beyond repair. This coverage can provide for the replacement of the same or comparable vehicle, within certain policy limits.
  • Replacement cost of personal items lost is a coverage option that will pay a fixed amount depending on the insurance company (typically $1,000 or $5,000).

Contact one of the qualified independent insurance agents at the Familia Insurance Agency if your live in the state of Florida and you own an RV. Independent insurance agents will assess your insurance needs and provide you with a quote, in order for you to secure the protection you need today.

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