Preparing Your Business for Hurricaine Season

Hurricane season is six long months in Kissimmee, FL. Starting prior to the beginning of the season will let you approach it proactively for your business.

Make a Go Bag

The first item on your agenda is for the safety of yourself and your family members, as we do at Familia Insurance Agency. Make a go bag and load it with three days of non-perishable food items, a handheld can opener, a first aid kit, and a portable radio. You may want to include your laptop or tablet too. Pack flashlights with extra batteries and your smartphone or tablet charger. You will need one gallon of water per person for three days and pet food for your cat or dog. Pack your personal items such as toothbrush and hairbrush and some extra clothes and blankets. It’s also a good idea to have cash on hand in the case of no electricity and no debit card readers available.

Before the Storm

Take a tour around your business building in Kissimmee, FL Cut back any tree limbs that overhang your roof or are near the windows. Secure or take inside any outside items that could damage your building. Close storm shutters and board up the windows just prior to evacuating. If you have a generator for your business, test it to make sure it runs okay. Review how to shut off all of your utilities including the gas main, electrical panel, and the water valve. Finally, fill your car all the way up with gas.

After the Storm

After the storm has passed, remove your boards from the windows and turn the utilities back on if it is safe to do so. Inspect your property and building for damages and make a list of any damages. Take photos of the damages to aid in your commercial insurance claim when you file with your agency.

At Familia Insurance Agency, we can help you to navigate the waters of commercial insurance in the case of a storm. We are happy to help you over the phone or in person in our office to find the level of business insurance you need.