Why a Dog Can Impact Your Home Insurance

As a homeowner contemplating getting a dog, numerous considerations come into play. Small or large dogs, indoor or outdoor, and breed choice are among the primary concerns. However, an often overlooked aspect is how pet ownership might influence your home insurance. Residents of Kissimmee, FL are lucky—Familia Insurance Agency is here to clarify this for you.

The Effect of Owning a Dog on Your Home Insurance

Owning a dog can potentially impact your home insurance in several ways. Even the friendliest of dogs can sometimes pose liability hazards, which may lead to increased homeowners’ insurance rates. Dogs sometimes bite, causing injuries to family members, friends, or strangers. Certain insurance companies even impose breed restrictions due to perceived increased risk.

Dogs Can Pose Risks to Visitors

Another scenario that could increase your liability risk stems from a dog startling visitors, causing them to fall or injure themselves. While a barking dog can serve as efficient protection, an injury claim against you could follow if such an incident were to occur.

Familia Insurance Agency: Your Partner in Understanding Policies

At Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL, we can provide the guidance you need to understand how a dog might—or might not—affect your homeowners’ insurance. Contact us for an insurance review and price quote. Various factors impact your home insurance and the rates you pay—with dog ownership being one of them. At Familia Insurance Agency of Kissimmee, FL, we can help you become adequately covered. Get in touch with us today.