What Is Umbrella Insurance?

It’s essential to have enough insurance to protect yourself financially. You may have several insurance policies, but that may not be enough if a serious incident happens. Accidents happen, and the resulting bills can be costly. You can make sure you’re better protected by getting umbrella insurance. Call us at Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL to get started with a policy. 

Add to Other Insurance Policies

Umbrella insurance is a type that adds coverage on top of some other policies that you already have. When you have a home and auto policy, getting umbrella insurance adds a blanket of coverage on top of both. It’s essential to have this extra coverage in case a serious accident costs a lot in medical bills and other expenses. After you have your home and auto policies in place, you can add umbrella insurance to raise the maximum payout for both policies. Getting umbrella insurance is much more cost-effective than directly adding more coverage to both policies. It saves you money and gives you peace of mind because you’ll know you’re protected against accidents. 

How It Works

Once an accident happens in your home or vehicle, your home or auto insurance will pay for the resulting medical bills from injuries. However, these policies can only pay up to their maximum payouts. After that, there may be more medical bills left over. When you have umbrella insurance, this policy comes in to pay what’s left over. These policies have extremely high maximum payouts to keep you protected. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

When you want more insurance coverage, we can help. Call us at Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL to get umbrella insurance.