Are Your Delivery Vehicles Properly Insured?

Many Kissimmee, FL businesses rely on deliveries to make their business run. However, accidents can occur while your drivers are transporting your goods. Do you need specialized insurance for this problem? The answer is yes, and at Familia Insurance Agency you can get the kind of high-quality commercial car insurance you need to protect your business.

Commercial Car Insurance Is Crucial

Commercial car insurance is an important type of coverage that you need to purchase for any vehicle that is regularly used for company business. This is especially true for deliveries, as delivery vehicles are often on the road for most of the day. Deliveries can include transporting hazardous material, moving housekeeping equipment, taking equipment to a construction site, or even taking a pizza to a customer’s home.

The Types Of Delivery Insurance Available

There are many different types of delivery insurance available for your business. For example, commercial auto insurance helps to cover accidents caused by drivers when they are behind the wheel of your company-owned vehicle. It also pays for property damage and personal injury.

However, hired and non-owned auto insurance may be useful if your employees regularly use their own vehicles for deliveries. In this way, you can avoid getting stuck with a headache of a bill later if they do suffer from a serious accident.

Do Drivers Need Individual Delivery Insurance?

One question that may plague many business owners is whether or not their drivers should have delivery insurance. Non-owner coverage is useful here, as it can protect your employees as well as yourself. However, they may also be able to right-off using their vehicle for deliveries, an important consideration when choosing vehicle insurance.

That’s why delivery insurance is important for all Kissimmee, FL businesses, not just those that specialize in transporting goods. To learn more about this type of coverage, please contact us at Familia Insurance Agency today. We can sort through your choices and help you make an informed decision.