Living on a Boat – How it Affects Boat Coverage

Boat insurance is intended to work similar to any other vessel coverage; it protects the owner from loss as well as liability claims if the owner’s vessel causes someone harm. The typical Kissimmee, FL situation involves the use of the boat traveling or moving from one location to another. However, when a boat owner decides to live on a boat, that changes the dynamic of coverage as it introduces a lot more activity with the boat than just using it for traveling. Now the boat becomes more like a residence than a tool, and that kind of insurance protection can be very different in application as well as benefits.

Boat insurance for the purposes of a home isn’t the same as homeowners insurance. Some folks think that’s an easy answer, but they often find that a homeowner’s insurance policy will exempt boats or won’t apply in full. And if it’s a generic policy, a boat coverage may only apply to liability, damage repair to the hull, and use of the boat as a business (i.e. a charter service). Instead, what a boat owner should be looking for as a residence on water is a policy that covers all risks, i.e. a comprehensive policy. This covers far more, including situations that are more common with residences than travel, such as break-ins, cooking damage, or plumbing mistakes (leaving the toilet drain open can sink a boat, for example).

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