Common Umbrella Insurance Myths

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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage alongside your current policies so that you do not have to worry if a situation arises. Umbrella insurance has the versatility to assist you in multiple ways.

Umbrella Insurance Myths

As you research different umbrella insurance policies, be aware that there is some misinformation about umbrella insurance in the general public. Here is a look at some common umbrella insurance myths.

I Don’t Need It Because I Don’t Have Valuable Assets

Even if you aren’t wealthy, umbrella insurance can still assist you. Anything that you own has value, and as such, you must protect it. There are also multiple ways that you could be held liable for something, so it’s important to have umbrella coverage so that you can avoid excess stress. Umbrella exists primarily as a form of extra coverage when facing a serious liability issue.

Umbrella Insurance Policies Are Too Complicated

While it may take some time to align your umbrella insurance policy with the rest of your coverage, the process is not as extensive as it seems. Familia Insurance Agency will assist you through the process.

I Can Use Umbrella Insurance In Place Of Another Type Of Coverage

This is incorrect. Umbrella Insurance should not be used as stand-alone coverage. The policy works in combination alongside home and auto insurance policies.

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