Florida Home Insurance

Your home is your castle, and no doubt you’ll do anything you can to protect it. But what happens when your home can’t be protected from a devastating tragedy? In places like Kissimmee, FL, homeowners are faced every year with the possibility of severe, potentially disastrous weather events like hurricanes. In these situations, the strength of one’s home insurance coverage can make all the difference.

Home insurance is the financial blanket that protects the value of your assets should they end up in harm’s way. In the case that your home is damaged by severe weather, hit by an errant vehicle, burned in a fire or burgled by a neighborhood thief, your home policy’s hazard insurance coverage can help you to recoup some of your losses by paying out a sum of money based on the value of the covered property that was lost. Plus, home liability insurance ensures that you’re covered in the case of any accident or injury that occurs on your property.

In addition to simply being the best-bet for protecting your personal assets, home insurance is required by Florida law. If you intend to carry a mortgage on your home, it’s also likely that your mortgage lender will require you to obtain home insurance before they will approve your loan and release the necessary funds.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes–get your home and family the coverage they deserve at an affordable price. Whether you’re purchasing home insurance for the first time or looking to add additional coverage/increase coverage limits, the friendly experts at Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee FL are ready to help you put together the perfect policy. To learn more about coverage options, monthly premiums and Florida state home insurance requirements, call Familia Insurance Agency today at (407) 847-8007.