How to choose Umbrella Insurance for your small business

Sometimes your business will face issues that do not fall under typical insurance policy guidelines. When this happens, your Umbrella Insurance policy can kick in and take a load off your shoulders. If you are in the Kissimmee, FL area, Familia Insurance Agency can work out an Umbrella Insurance policy for your specific business needs. To get prepared for your agent meeting, you will need to consider two things when choosing an Umbrella Insurance policy for your small business.

The Industry of Your Business

The first thing to consider is the industry your business is in because it will determine your possible liability and risk levels. If you are in an industry with more liability exposure, you will want an Umbrella Insurance policy that reflects those vulnerabilities. Before you meet with your agent, make sure you have a clear description of your business structure and activities. Together you will identify potential liabilities in your business and how to make sure your business stays protected.

Consider Your Current Liability Policies

The second thing to consider is the existing liability insurance you have for your business. Before your agent meeting, review your current liability coverage and determine areas of concern and limits. This is important because in the state of Florida, Umbrella Insurance functions as excess liability insurance and requires you to meet certain policy limit requirements. Discuss your findings and research with your agent so they can give you options for feeling secure no matter what happens in your business.

Getting the right Umbrella Insurance for your business will give you peace of mind and stop you from worrying about what could happen. Familia Insurance Agency will be your advocate and tailor your Umbrella Insurance to your industry and existing policies. Contact us today if you are in the Kissimmee, FL area!