Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Chances are, you already have homeowners insurance on top of auto insurance for your vehicle. Yet sometimes this is not enough to ensure you have adequate coverage. Umbrella insurance can provide you with this necessary safeguard. But why exactly do you need umbrella insurance? When living in or around the Kissimmee, FL area, the Familia Insurance Agency is here to educate you on exactly how it can help. 

When the Base Liability Runs Out

Hopefully, you’ll never run into a problem where your home base liability insurance runs out. However, if this does occur, umbrella insurance kicks in. Umbrella insurance covers more than just your property though. It also covers your car, boats, and recreational vehicles. This way, if you are in an extensive accident or there are sudden legal fees due to an injury on your property, the umbrella insurance will kick in. 

Additional Insurance For Wealthy Individuals

Often times, if you have a higher net worth, you become the target of additional lawsuits. If an accident occurs on your property, you may be sued for more money. If you drive an expensive vehicle, repairs to a damaged vehicle may cost more than your actual auto insurance policy. Repairs and potential lawsuits cost more with the increased net worth, so make sure you protect yourself and your property from unforeseen financial difficulties. You can do this by talking with your insurance provider about umbrella insurance. 

Umbrella insurance protects you from extra liability. This way, whether someone is injured on your property or you have a legal case brought against you due to someone slipping on the sidewalk, you’ll know you’re protected with the added umbrella insurance. If you live in the area around Kissimmee, FL, Familia Insurance Agency is available to answer all of your umbrella insurance question needs.