Tips for Protecting Your Small Business From Social Media Risks

While social media can keep owners in touch with clients and followers, these platforms do pose business risks, particularly to smaller ones. Small businesses can suffer dire consequences without a social media defense plan and proper liability coverage. Our experts at Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL, offer these protection tips.

Cybersecurity Threats

Hackers can do a lot of damage to your brand and reputation quickly, so you have to address the issue immediately. These cybercriminals can also send virus attachments and messages they set to look like your company sent them. Customers can fall prey to them, and it takes a lot of time to regain their trust. Protection measures include:

  • You and your staff should avoid clicking suspicious links sent to social media accounts.
  • Change passwords frequently, at least every six months.
  • Use a firewall and other management tools for social media accounts.
  • Get cyber and media liability insurance.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Regardless of how diligent you are at implementing protection measures, experienced hackers often work around them. If you use technology to post on social media, cyber insurance might protect you against losses due to data loss, security breaches, hijacked accounts, cyber extortion, and phishing scams. Before purchasing, we’ll help you conduct a cyber loss modeling risk assessment.

Media Liability Insurance

If you market or produce any online content like blogs, pictures, reviews, videos, photos, etc., consider media liability protection. This helps cover you against liability claims, including intellectual property infringement, defamation, and misrepresentation.

Protect Your Business With Social Media Protection

If your business uses social media like most others, contact Familia Insurance Agency and join our family of satisfied customers. We have a physical office in Kissimmee, FL, and serve all of Central Florida with cyber-related insurance and more.