A Quick Look at Motorcycle Accident Stats

Motorcycles can offer a lot of fun and a way to cut through traffic. However, it’s important to be mindful when operating a motorcycle because of increased dangers. It’s also wise to be appraised of motorcycle accident stats so that you know just how significant the risks are. We’ll cover some of the most important stats, but if you have questions or are looking for motorcycle insurance, feel free to contact Familia Insurance Agency, which serves Kissimmee, FL, and beyond.

Key Stats Every Motorcycle Driver Should Know

Motorcycles can’t offer as many safety features as the average car. For example, there’s no way to set up an airbag system comparable to one found in an SUV. As such, the risk of getting injured while operating a motorcycle can be higher if an accident should occur. It should come as no surprise that over 85,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2020.

Sadly, motorcycle drivers without a license are one of the most significant risks. Over a third of motorcycle accidents involve an unlicensed rider. Further, roughly 35 percent of fatal accidents also involve a rider who didn’t have the appropriate license. Before operating a motorcycle, make sure you get the appropriate license. 

Many motorcycle drivers like to operate their vehicles in the summer. It’s not surprising then that August is the most lethal month, with nearly 15 percent of fatal accidents occurring during this month. If you take your bike for a summer cruise, be mindful and ensure you have the appropriate motorcycle insurance policies to cover you, your bike, and anyone else you’re taking along for the ride.

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