Do I need a home inventory for my condo

Owning a condo in Kissimmee, FL is a great investment. Whether you plan to live in the condo full time, use it as a winter home or a rental property, having the correct insurance is imperative. In order to answer the question do I need a home inventory for my condo you need to understand what condo insurance covers and exactly what a home inventory is.  At Familia Insurance Agency we offer personalized service to our customers and we will make sure that you have the coverage you need. 

Condo insurance is slightly different than home insurance since the condo association also has a policy on your condo. If something bad happens to your condo, they will cover the actual structure. The contents are your responsibility and that is where your home inventory can make filing and collect on a claim easier and less stressful. 

A home inventory is a listing of your personal possessions. Imagine how much easier it is to record all those items when they are here in front of you rather than scattered to the four winds or a pile of ashes. You can walk around your condo and video all of your rooms and don’t forget to open closets and cupboards. In addition, place all the receipts or bills for items together with the inventory. The more details you include, the more likely you are to be happy with the payment your receive from your carrier. Store the inventory in a safe place, preferably away from your condo. You may want to consider the cloud or another form of online storage. 

If you are ready to take a look at the condo coverage you have, Familia Insurance Agency in Kissimmee, FL is here to help out. Give us a call and let us give you a no-obligation quote. 

How to prepare for a home insurance claim

While we buy home insurance to give us peace of mind, things can sometimes go awry. What’s next? What should you do and not do? Who do you tell first, what are your options or obligations? Do you know how to file a claim? Losses can be stressful, particularly when they involve your home, but worry not because Familia Insurance Agency is here to take you through the claiming process and support you until you have recovered. Here are a few ways you can prepare for a home insurance claim.

Understand your coverage

Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what’s not covered to avoid misunderstandings when filing your claim. Filing a claim for uncovered damage will only raise your premiums, therefore, make sure your claims are approvable.

Update your home inventory

One of the most common headaches about filing a claim is a lack of updated inventory. If you bought a new tv and did not keep the receipt as proof, your insurance provider may find it difficult to believe you. Take photos, videos, and carry receipts for every item you buy. You will need these photos when filing your claim.

Have a reliable contractor in Kissimmee, FL

Some accidents or perils may involve you working on some damages or repairs. If you have places in your home that put your home at risk, like a hole in the roof, a contractor can help you fix them before an accident. Similarly, when filing a claim, you can also use the services of your contractor to repair and fix what can be fixed instead of having your insurance company bring their own contractor.

Don’t wait until there is an emergency to learn how to file a home insurance claim successfully. Insurance experts at Familia Insurance Agency are here to answer any question that you may have. Call us or visit us at our Kissimmee, FL offices, and we will be happy to help.

Do All Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

Does your Kissimmee, FL business need commercial insurance? The question really comes down to liability. You’re not going to face much in the way of liability if you’re a one-person business designing websites in your home office. But once you start hiring staff, then you’re inviting a whole new level of risk into your business.

There are some industries with very little liability to consider, but these industries are few and far between. If you’re selling products, you’re inviting liability. If you’re hiring people, you’re inviting liability. If you have clients coming to visit you in person, you’re inviting liability.

Insurance is all about the damages that you can’t afford to cover on your own. You might not have anything more than a smartphone and a list of clients on your end, but if someone could feasibly be injured or suffer damages as a result of your business, then you need commercial insurance. It’s not just your own property and safety you need to worry about, it’s everyone you do business with.

You might need commercial insurance for other reasons, as well. For instance, a client or partner might not be willing to work with you if you’re not covered. Commercial insurance isn’t legally mandated, but it might be very hard to do business without it in some instances.

If you’re looking to get your business in Kissimmee, FL covered, call Familia Insurance Agency and see what they can do for you. No matter what line of work you’re in, no matter the size and scope of your business, you need to be realistic about whether or not commercial insurance has become a necessity. Familia Insurance Agency can help you to get covered whenever you’re ready.

How Can Renter’s Insurance Protect Your Belongings?

Do you think that your landlord’s building insurance covers your belongings in the case of an unforeseen event? If you rent an apartment, townhouse or home and there’s a fire or break-in, your landlord is not responsible for your lost or damaged belongings. You can contact your Familia Insurance Agency representative to find out more about renter’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL. However, we provide some of the basic details below.

What Is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance provides complete protection of your personal belongings if you rent your living space. This is important information for parents sending kids to college and young professionals moving into their first rental units.

Renter’s insurance covers your personal property damaged due to a covered event, such as fire, smoke, explosions, lightning, windstorms, hail, theft, vandalism, accidental water overflow and damage due to electrical current.

Other Advantages of Renter’s Insurance

Other coverage types available under renter’s insurance include:

  • Liability protection covers legal and medical bills if someone is harmed in your home. Examples include a neighbor who’s bitten by your dog and a visitor who tripped on your wet floor and hurt themselves.  
  • Additional living expense coverage pays for shelter and food expenses if you have to leave your home due to evacuation, fire or water damage.
  • Covers items stolen from your car, minus the deductible.
  • It may also pay for items stolen while you’re traveling

 Furniture, clothing, computers, cookware and stereo equipment are just some of the items your renter’s insurance covers in the case of a covered hazard.

Note that damage due to earthquakes and flooding are covered under separate policies.

Professional Perks

If you lost work-related items, such as teaching materials, your renter’s insurance will reimburse you under many policies.

Contact your representative at Familia Insurance Agency to make an appointment regarding your renter’s insurance options in Kissimmee, FL.

All you need to know: Home Insurance in Florida

With so many home insurance companies and policies out there, it can be a daunting task to choose the one that is most suited to your needs. You must equip yourself with enough knowledge so you can at least understand the policies, the requirements of the state of Florida and your specific needs. One rather unfortunate but unique aspect of Florida is its vulnerability to floods and storms. This means it is even more important to insure your most valuable asset, your home and to protect you and your family from unexpected financial burdens in case you do not have the correct home insurance.

It makes sense to get home insurance to protect from natural disasters but keep in mind that there are a lot of other more common issues that need to fix too. For example, water leaks, plumbing, and roofs, air-conditioning systems just to name a few. Such issues are also very costly and you don’t want to be paying all out-of-pocket for these. If you have a mortgage, most lenders require home insurance by law.  

Agents at Familia Insurance Agency at the Kissimmee, FL region are experts in the home insurance industry of Florida. They are well-versed in local rules and regulations and are well trained to guide you with the best policy. They will provide competitive pricing for the coverage and also make sure your policy meets the state of Florida requirements. Furthermore, they explain all you need to know regarding best practices in filing a claim and getting the tax deductions you might qualify for.  You can visit their website for more information including their contact information.  Do not let this opportunity to secure your future just slip by. Get in touch with Familia Insurance Agency now.

Can I Install a Home Security System in My Apartment?

Renters who live in the Kissimmee, FL area can reap the rewards of having a home security system installed in their apartment or rental home. In most cases, landlords won’t object and may even help you install the system if you purchase a do-it-yourself kit. The agents of Familia Insurance Agency understand their clients’ need for protection and can assist them in finding the right system.

Do-it-yourself Systems

Most do-it-yourself home security systems are relatively inexpensive and can be self-installed in less than an hour. There is no need to connect to the home or apartment’s internal wiring so you don’t have to have knowledge of the electrical system.

Easy to Move

The devices included in a do-it-yourself home security system are easy to install and normally don’t require screws or other types of hardware. The systems run off of WiFi or cellular service and don’t require a landline to support connectivity.

Reliable and Easy to Monitor

Reputable systems like Ring, Nest, and SimpliSafe offer reliable equipment and can be easily monitored through an app that is downloaded to your smartphone. When the system is running and the app is open, you can communicate with anyone who is at your home, either inside or outside if you have the right type of cameras.

The agents of Familia Insurance Agency offer residents of Kissimmee, FL renters insurance to protect their belongings. They are also helpful when it comes to learning about the benefits of installing a home security system in your rental home or apartment. Residents are encouraged to visit the office or call an agent if they want to learn more.

Does RV Insurance Cover Theft?

Whether you’re taking your RV on an extended trip or just a weekend getaway around Kissimmee, FL, you probably want to carry some RV insurance. You might understand your insurance offers liability coverage in case you cause an accident, and you may also have a policy that helps pay for when you’re the victim of a collision. But what about incidents "other than collision", such as theft? Familia Insurance Agency is happy to give our readers some clarification!

Damage from Theft vs Theft of Personal Property

When it comes to theft, Comprehensive RV insurance will probably cover any physical damage to your RV if the trailer itself is stolen or damaged in the commission of a crime. However, your RV policy probably won’t cover the cost of stolen personal items, even if such items were inside the RV. For personal property, the coverage for those items extends to your home or renter’s insurance. Standard liability insurance for RVs rarely covers non-collision damages – comprehensive coverage is what you need.

An Example:

You leave your RV at a campground for the afternoon. When you return you notice the cabin door has been forced open. The lock is broken and inside you notice your jewelry and television have been stolen. The thieves left a hole in the wall where the TV used to be. 

In the above scenario, your comprehensive policy might provide to repair the locks or holes in the wall of your RV. It probably would not cover the cost to replace your jewelry or television, however.

Everyone’s insurance needs are different. The RV you own will influence the coverage you need. If you plan to RV around Kissimmee, FL, reach out to Familia Insurance Agency today to learn more about RV insurance!

Do Motorcyclists Have to Wear a Helmet in Kissimmee, FL?

Florida is an excellent state for motorcycle enthusiasts with miles of open roads that hug the coastline and year-round warm temperatures. You may have noticed some motorcyclists are wearing helmets, while others aren’t wearing them. If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle to join them but are uncertain of the laws, the Familia Insurance Agency can help you understand the type of coverage you need in the Kissimmee, FL area. The agency knows all the latest regulations regarding motorcycles and can help you ride free and still stay covered in case of an accident. 

Motorcyclists and Helmets for Riders Under 21

All riders need coverage to drive a motor vehicle in Florida. Helmet rules in the state aren’t as straight forward and have changed over the past few years. Florida doesn’t participate completely with Federal motorcycle safety laws, but it does require all riders under 21 years of age to wear a helmet regardless of their insurance coverage. The same rule applies to riders of mopeds under the age of 16. 

Motorcyclists, Helmets, and Insurance for Riders Over 21

If you’re 21 or older, the state allows an exception to helmet regulations. With proof of insurance, motorcyclists can ride without protective headgear. All persons riding a motorcycle regardless of their headgear requirements must wear protective eyewear.  

The Familia Insurance Agency wants to protect your freedom and your financial health in the event of an accident. We can help you get the minimum coverage to ride helmet-free. For clients under 21, our agents can get them started with coverage so they can start enjoying the feel of the road under their feet and wind brushing their faces. Contact one of our agents today to find the right coverage for your new motorcycle. 

Boat Regulations to Keep You Safe Year Round.

There are few days in Kissimmee, FL that locals cannot enjoy the waterways. The weather is typically fair and the waters are calm and inviting more often than not. This does not mean that boaters in Florida can relax too much. At Familia Insurance Agency we want you to be safe out on the water so here are some reminders on boat regulations and safety tips for staying safe year-round. 

Florida Boat Regulations for Safety

  • Stay Sober — Drunk boating, like drunk driving, is deadly and illegal. If you are the captain of the ship do not drink. 
  • Check the Weather Forecasts — This falls under the reckless and careless operation section. You are responsible for your due diligence when it comes to exploring the waterways. Do not get caught in a dangerous situation because you did not check the weather before boarding. 
  • Know the Signs — Waterways do not have the same signs, traffic laws, and safety features as roadways. There are specific flags and symbols that indicate that there are people just under the water in some areas, other signs mean no wake, and other signs indicate weeds or debris in an area. It is your responsibility to know this before you drive a boat. 

Familia Insurance Agency serves Kissimmee, FL with quality insurance services for boaters in the area. We want all of our clients and boaters in Florida to be safe as they enjoy our state’s natural resources. If you would like to learn more about boater safety or if it has been a while since your last class then it is a good idea to take Florida boater safety refresher. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

For some, your typical insurance is just not enough to cover what you want it to. For those individuals, that need more coverage, umbrella insurance may be what you need. For those that are near the Kissimmee, FL area, the agents with Familia Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that is going to work best for you and your existing policies.

So, what does umbrella insurance cover? Umbrella insurance is something that is very special and that can be applied to just about any coverage that you want. What your umbrella policy covers depends namely on what you place the umbrella policy on. If you are buying an umbrella policy for your car insurance policy for example it may function as a supplementary liability policy. if you take an umbrella policy out on your home insurance it may serve to get you a bigger settlement for your contents.

If you are looking to take out an umbrella policy you may want to speak with an insurance agent so that you can find out more about what an umbrella policy may cover, about what sort of umbrella coverage you may want to take out, and about what you might want to apply that sort of coverage to. An umbrella policy is not right for all people and you should take the time to see if this is the coverage that is going to be right for you or if there are other coverages that might work better for your particular needs.

For those that live near the Kissimmee, FL area, the agents with Familia Insurance Agency can help you to find the policy, and the policy type that is going to work best for you and for your particular insurance needs and coverage wishes.